Playing live is what we like to do the most and we would love to see you at one of our shows. 


2017-06-07  Campbell’s Tavern, Galway, Ireland 21.30

2017-06-08  The Black Gate Art Centre, Galway 12.00

2017-06-08  Mullarkeys, Clifden, Ireland  21.30

2017-06-09  Westport Folk and Bluegrass Festival, McGings, Westport, Ireland  22.00

2017-06-10  Westport Folk and Bluegrass Festival, The Clew Bay Hotel, Westport, Ireland  12.00

2017-06-29  Skjåk Country Festival, Norway

2017-06-30  Skjåk Country Festival, Norway

2017-07-01  Skjåk Country Festival, Norway

2017-07-08  Nääsville Bluegrass Festival, Ätran

2017-07-14  Strenger i Gress, Gulsrud, Norway

2017-07-29  Private party, Malmö

2017-07-30  Fjälkinge kyrka. Fjälkinge  19.00

2017-08-02  TBA

2017-08-16  Musik i sommarkväll, S:ta Maria kyrka, Åhus  19.00

2017-08-19  Grenna Bluegrass Festival, Gränna

2017-08-20  Musik i sommarkväll, Sövestads kyrka, Ystad  18.00

2017-09-02  Private party, Åhus

2017-09-25  TBA





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